Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola Reduction Surgery or Nipple Reduction (or ‘Correction’) surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the size and change the shape of one or both of your nipples or areola. The most common concerns targeted are ‘puffy nipple’ and ‘inverted nipple’.

Nipple Reduction can reduce the height and width of the nipple, reshape the nipple into a more desirable form and treat size and shape asymmetries in the surrounding areola. All surgeries are able to preserve sensation and aim to restore a more balanced, pleasing chest appearance.

Nipple Reduction can be carried out on its own under local anesthesia or in combination with other procedures under general anesthesia, such as breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or mummy makeovers. During your initial consultation with one of our skilled surgeons, you will be able to communicate your aesthetic concerns and go over the different surgical options available to you. Whatever your requirements, the Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic can provide the leading breast experts and techniques for your treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in order to achieve your desired aesthetic and a better-proportioned nipple.