Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola Reduction Surgery or Nipple Reduction (or ‘Correction’) surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the size and change the shape of one or both of your nipples or areola. The most common concerns targeted are ‘puffy nipple’ and ‘inverted nipple’.

Areola is the dark pigmented skin around the nipples. The area of areola varies from person to person. If you think you have large areolas, you can consult a plastic surgeon to check if it is ok or you can get it reduced in area. The surgery performed to reduce the area of the areola around the nipple is called areola reduction surgery. This surgery can be performed on people of any gender but as Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic is exclusively for men, if you are male, you can set up an appointment to speak with our cosmetic surgeon.

Who is a good candidate to get the areola reduced?

  1. If you are not happy with the size (you feel that it’s too large)
  2. If there is no symmetry between the left and right areolas
  3. If there is puffiness or in the areola region or if the area is protruding and you want that to go away.
  4. If you were fat or obese and lost a lot of weight which made your areola region stretch and now it doesn’t look good to you.

Cost of areola reduction surgery in Chennai

The surgery can cost around Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1,00,000/-. The cost may go down if you want your plastic surgeon to work only on one side of your chest. You can fix up an appointment with one of our finest plastic surgeons to discuss more and to get a ballpark amount.

The procedure

  1. Once you are at your doctor’s place on an empty stomach, intravenous medication will be given to make you relaxed and put you to sleep. (full body anaesthesia). 
  2. The circumference of the areola will be marked on the required sides.
  3. Another smaller circumference (like an inner circle) will be marked on the areola which is the actual required size.
  4. A circular incision will be made along the circumference of the areola and the area between the two concentric circles will be removed.
  5. Then, the skin from the outer circle will be pulled inside and stitched up (like purse string) with the circumference of the inner circle. 
  6. Once done, dressing will be done with bandages and pain medication may be given.
  7. You will be on prescription medication that may include antibiotics and pain medication.

Risks associated with areola reduction surgery

  1. Infection at the site of incision.
  2. Scarring around the outer edge of the areola (along the circumference of areola)
  3. Damaged milk ducts, as a result of which breast feeding may not be possible.
  4. Numbness – most of the times, this will be temporary but this can be permanent in some people.

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