FAQs on nose surgery

FAQs on nose surgery


How to fix a wide nose without surgery or How to make your nose smaller without surgery?

Non surgical rhinoplasty for narrowing a wide nose, also called “liquid rhinoplasty”. The procedure involves filling the nose with an acid called hyaluronic acid. This doesn’t really narrow down a wide nose but can even out the bumps and irregularly shaped nose.

How much does nose surgery cost in Chennai or India?

Shaping or correcting a nose is different for every different person. There is no single or standard rate for a nose job, neither in Chennai or India. But, you can expect the cost of a nose job at our Chennai plastic surgery clinic to range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 100,000 depending on what needs to be done.  More the correction, the higher the cost.

Is nose surgery safe?

Sure, nose job is just like any other surgery where incisions are made where required, the cartilage or bone is corrected and then the incisions are sutured up. Most often the incisions are done inside the nose so that there are no visible scars. Similarly, just like any other surgery, this too involves certain risks of infection, surgery going wrong etc. 

What is nose tip surgery?

In certain people, just the tip of the nose may not be formed right (at least as per them). Correcting on the shape of the nose tip alone is called ‘nose tip’ surgery. This is a simpler procedure where only the cartilage part of the nose needs to be removed or adjusted as per requirement.

How to reduce nose fat without surgery?

While there are several “exercises” that tell you can shorten your nose or narrow a fat nose, we are not sure that those don’t work. If they do, why would rhinoplasty become a popular surgery? In short, no, you cannot reshape or resize your nose naturally.

What can you eat after nose surgery?

While there are no food restrictions on what you can eat, you need to be careful that you don’t chew anything hard. This can put pressure on your nose and hurt. For a few days, we suggest one eats soft foods that can be easily swallowed, consume juices etc.

How is rhinoplasty different from septoplasty?

In other words, you may ask “rhinoplasty vs septoplasty”. Rhinoplasty is more of a cosmetic procedure which involves reshaping the nose by changing how it looks whereas septoplasty corrects the structural issues of the nose, like, correcting a deformity that is causing problem breathing.

Is rhinoplasty or nose job surgery a simple operation?

Rhinoplasty can be a very simple job to a complex one depending on what needs to be done. If you want just a bump to be removed on the tip of the nose or make it a little narrow at the nose tip, probably, this may not take much time.

However, if you want your cosmetic surgeon to correct the septum, the bone that extends out of the skull, that may require more time and effort and care. That usually is a complicated surgery.

Will I need to stay in the hospital after rhinoplasty surgery?

This too depends on the extent of correction that’s been done on your nose. If the surgery is a complex one that includes correcting the bone part of your nose, you may be advised to remain in hospital for a day or two. In case of minor surgery, you may be allowed to leave the hospital the same day. 

How long is the recovery period after nose job?

This depends on what’s been done on the nose. While the bandages may be off after a week or 10 days, complete recovery may take up to a couple of months.

Does insurance cover rhinoplasty or nose surgery?

Yes and No. If nose correction is done as a part of injury or trauma (in cases like an accident), the insurance company may be covering the cost of the surgery. If you are going to get your nose corrected purely for cosmetic reasons, your insurance provider may not cover the cost. Please check with your insurance provider about the terms and conditions of your policy.

Can I see what my nose will look like after surgery?

Yes sure! The software developments today can show you the shape of your nose after the surgery, provided the surgery goes right and you pick an experienced surgeon. Most of the time, you will get ‘more or less’ the shown shape but in some unlucky situations, surgery may go wrong and may require another surgery.

Is rhinoplasty a painful procedure?

Yes, rhinoplasty may hurt depending on what has been done. However, during the surgery, you will be under anesthesia and may not feel a thing but after it wears off, you will start feeling the pain. Simple cartilage adjustments may not hurt much or for long but a complex bone adjustment will hurt for long. You will be given pain medication during the recovery period. 

Is rhinoplasty an outpatient or inpatient procedure?

Simple rhinoplasty can be an outpatient procedure but a little complex procedure may require hospitalization for a couple of days.

How do I select the best plastic surgeon in Chennai?

This is the most tricky and important part before you present yourself to your doctor for any kind of treatment or surgery. Read through their Google reviews (not just the positive ones but also the negative ones), go through their website and see how legit they look. You need to zero-in on two doctors and visit both of them to get their opinions. After that you will know who to go with.

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