Going to get a tattoo done? Know what you should look for

Going to get a tattoo done? Know what you should look for


Tattoo has become one of the most followed fashion stuff these days. Initially mostly men were going to get inked but today, 65% of inked people are women. Some reasons why people get tattooed are:

  1. Fashion / Style
  2. Cultural beliefs
  3. Medical reasons (to convey medics about any pre-existing condition such as diabetes etc)
  4. Emotional reasons – getting names of their loved ones inked

How do you pick the best place to get tattooed?

“Word of mouth” or you ask someone who got a “great” looking tattoo done. Do you know that there are a number of things that you need to watch out for before you get a tattoo done at any authorized place? (Of course, in India, we don’t think there are any such regulations in place yet). 

Obviously, the first thing and may be the only thing you ask for is the expertise or the level of creativity of the guy who is going to make the tattoo. Following are some more things you need to note before getting the ink under your skin:

  1. Look around when you visit the place. It should be as clean as a hospital.
  2. Ask and learn how the needles are being replaced and equipment is being sterilized. The equipment is going to get in contact with your body fluids and there are over a dozen serious diseases you can get if strict hygiene is not followed.
  3. Check the toilets – they tell a lot about how they maintain their place. (This is true with any place in fact).
  4. Ask them about the ink they use. What type, made by who and if possible, take as many details about the ink. (Initially you may not know anything about the ink but once you return home, do your homework to know the qualities of inks and risks of using each brand.)
  5. Check the negative reviews of that place. These days, getting fake positive reviews has become a piece of cake, despite Google’s AI clean up. Check the kind of response that was given for those negative reviews and then take a decision.


Once you finalize the place, you need to prepare your body for quick recovery after getting inked. Follow the below precautions to that your recovery will be smooth and quicker:

  1. Stop or quit smoking a couple of weeks before getting the tattoo done. Smoking won’t let your body heal quickly.
  2. Don’t take any medications that may thin your blood. If you are under regular medication for any reason, check with your doctor and then go for the tattoo.
  3. Don’t get tattooed if you are weak or sick or have been recovering from any disease.

Tattoo from unauthorized and unhygienic places can give you HIV

Yes, that’s absolutely true. If the needles are not sterilized or changed to fresh ones, you are surely at risk of getting blood borne diseases such as HIV. HIV is just one of the possible diseases apart from HPV, Herpes etc. Check out the story of individuals who contracted HIV after getting a tattoo from a hawker and unauthorized persons at the below link:


Same holds good with tattoo removal too! You should take some time to find the right place to get your tattoo removed.

Getting your permanent tattoo removed

Around 25% of people who get a tattoo want it to get removed at some point for some reason. Know what procedures are available at our Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic to remove a tattoo permanently, the cost of removing your tattoo and the risks involved by visiting the following article – Tattoo Removal – different methods of removing tattoo permanently.

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