Gynecomastia, also known as Male Breast Reduction surgery!

Many young men experience changes during puberty as a result of increased hormones; one of which includes inflamed breast tissue or gynecomastia. Some call them “Man boobs”. Most of the time, gynecomastia during puberty is a temporary problem that can resolve itself in as little as a few weeks or as many as six months. Some men though, do not outgrow gynecomastia that occurs during puberty. Others develop gynecomastia later in life as a result of additional hormone and/or lifestyle changes. Regardless of what the root cause is, gynecomastia surgery offers a possible solution for men who are unhappy with the size of their breast tissue.

Simply put, gynecomastia is a condition when the male breast tissue swells or becomes enlarged forming man boobs. Men who experience this may also experience breast tenderness, as well as changes in the colour or position of their nipples. Gynecomastia typically occurs in both breasts, but it may be worse on one side than on the other (asymmetric gynecomastia). Though gynecomastia is characterized by excess fat and tissue development, it may also cause excess skin development, which further contributes to the “saggy” appearance.

Gynecomastia surgery, also called reduction mammaplasty, is the procedure during which a plastic surgeon reduces and/or removes some of the breast tissue. There are two styles of gynecomastia surgery:

The liposuction technique is used for milder cases of gynecomastia caused primarily by excess fat buildup. Just as with regular liposuction, the procedure is performed by inserting a small tube (cannula) that breaks up fat deposits and removes them using suction.

The excision technique is used for extreme cases of gynecomastia where excess skin must be removed or where adjustments need to be made to the nipples. Surgeons using this technique strategically remove and reposition the skin to help the breast area look more natural.
Sometimes a combination of the two techniques is used to achieve the best result. Regardless of which method is used, flattening the breast tissue and (in some cases) adjusting the size or position of the areola with gynecomastia surgery is ultimately a tool to help men improve their self-esteem and appearance.

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