Incisionless Otoplasty

Incisionless Otoplasty


Incisionless otoplasty is a surgery performed to correct protruding ears. This is a minimally invasive surgery and this is the first option that a good plastic surgeon would prefer or suggest if you see him/her with protruding ears problem. Less invasive means, lower chances of infection, risk and quicker and smoother would be the recovery. 

How is the procedure performed?

When you sign up for the procedure, local anaesthesia will be administered in the front side (anterior) and the back side (posterior) of the pinna in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the ear pinning procedure. In children, full body anaesthesia is given. As the anaesthesia is given, the liquid accumulates in one spot and the doctor puts some pressure on it so that it spreads through the cartilage area.

Let us put this as a two step procedure:


Step 1:

The external part of the ear is made of cartilage. The cartilage spring is broken along the neo antihelical fold (Human ear has a fold at the tip and then a larger fold a little inside, (antihelix part as shown in the picture). Then, a needle is used to draw tunnels through the cartilage. (this is basically done to weaken (damage) the cartilage so that suturing is easier and it will develop cartilage tissue as it heals). 


Step 2:

Then the doctor starts suturing the cartilage from the backside of the ear in a kind of a circular way. He/she has to make sure that stitches remain on the back side and the needle doesn’t come out from the front side of the ear. As he/she reaches the first suture hole on the cartilage, the ear can be bent to the desired shape. It’s basically like folding the ear by pinching it in the middle of the cartilage. If needed, the lower part of the ear is also stitched up the same way.

Appropriate bandages are used to hold the ears in their place for a few days while the cartilage heals and strengthens.

Recovering after incisionless otoplasty

First of all, don’t expect a totally painless procedure since it is mentioned that there won’t be any incisions made. The suturing can hurt for a few days which is usually manageable with pain killers (pain medication). As the area heals, make sure that:

  1. You don’t take a shower where water gets in contact with the area. This can lead to infection. 
  2. Apply any medicine given by your doctor at the site. (Creams or ointment etc)
  3. Take any prescribed medicines without fail.
  4. Should you see any fluids coming out after removing the bandages, see your doctor immediately.
  5. Sleep with your face straight up for a couple of weeks until it heals completely. (Goes without saying, doesn’t it?)

Cost of incisionless otoplasty in Chennai

Cost of the surgery depends on the plastic surgeon and the hospital. Typically, the cost of incisionless otoplasty for both ears can cost around Rs.60,000 – Rs.80,000. This is only a ballpark figure. You can get the right cost after seeing your surgeon.

Frequently asked questions on Incisionless Otoplasty

Yes, a little tingling sensation may be felt during the procedure while you are under anaesthesia. Once the medicine wears off, you will feel little pain which is manageable.

Usually, it takes 2 weeks to heal from the sutures. You can give a couple of weeks more for complete cartilage healing.

Once the sutures are healed, you can try after checking with your plastic surgeon. If you are not comfortable or if your ears hurt, you may wait for a couple of more weeks. Typically, you can try after four weeks.

Very less risky owing to the fact that there is no incision made. Chances of infection are far less compared to a normal otoplasty surgery.

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