Laser Hair Removal

Some men try to grow hair and some want to get it removed. Life is interesting, isn’t it? Wondering where men want to get their hair removed?

  1. On the head – men who are almost bald on the top want to get rid of the remaining hair on the sides. They want to be completely clean on top.
  2. Men grow hair on their body too along with other areas. A little hair may not be bothersome but some grow a lot of body hair and they want that to be gone.
  3. Some men get the hair under their arms removed while some get their moustaches removed. 

Depending on the area, usually people try waxing, shaving etc to remove the hair but the hair grows back. In such cases, Laser Hair Removal comes to the rescue. A few sessions of laser hair removal and the hair will stop growing on any part of the body.

About laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most common procedure performed in the U.S. and it is gaining more popularity among Indians too lately. Laser hair removal involves using a laser gun like handheld machine that emits laser light which is absorbed by the hair follicles. That damages the hair on the follicle and eventually the follicle itself will die off (after some sessions). 

Laser hair removal can be opted to get rid of hair on 

  1. Scalp
  2. Face (beard area, moustaches, chin)
  3. Body
  4. Back
  5. Thighs
  6. Legs
  7. Underarms etc.


Note: Important thing to note is, if you are going for laser hair removal therapy, please make sure that your doctor is very well experienced and the procedure is done in a decent place. Should something go wrong, damage to the body may be irreversible.

Benefits of laser hair removal

  1. Precision – Laser is the perfect tool to pinpoint the area where hair needs to be removed.
  2. Quick – Unlike waxing, the procedure is very quick. Laser beam is focused on the targeted area just for a fraction of a second and a centimetre sized area of hair will be gone. Areas such as moustache can be done in a minute.
  3. Permanent hair loss after a few sessions – The laser beam damages the pigments in the hair follicle each time they receive the laser energy. This damages the hair follicle and after a few sessions, the hair may not grow back, how is that?

Cost of laser hair removal in Chennai

Laser hair removal in Chennai can cost up to Rs.10,000 depending on the location and the area that needs to be covered. 

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