Flood Gates Plastic Surgery

Meet Our Doctors

Dr Karthik Gunasekaran


Dr Karthik Gunasekaran MB, MS, FRCS, FECSM is a men’s health specialist and senior consultant in laser surgery. During his fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, he trained extensively in reconstructive surgery for women and men’. The need for plastic and cosmetic procedures in men was huge and unmet. This prompted him to start Flood gates.
Flood gates Plastic surgery

India’s first all male plastic surgery group
Flood gates Plastic surgery is India’s first all male plastic surgery group. The lacunae for a highly focused and specialised plastic surgery centre for men has always existed. It’s a natural extension of Metromale clinic which was India’s first men’s health clinic. Men seeking penis enlargement, Male breast surgery, Cosmetic liposuction using Vaser, Mons pubis fat reduction, body sculpting, hair transplant, penile implants, skin lightening were all part of Metromale clinics repertoire. With the addition of Flood Gates to his armamentarium all procedures for men can be done under one roof.
Prof Dr Mohan

MS Mch ( Plastic surgery)

A senior consultant in plastic surgery, Dr Mohan is an expert in cosmetic procedures in men and women. After serving as Head of Department of Plastic surgery at Stanley Hospital, he further continued his exemplary work at Ramachandra Medical college and after retirement settled in private practice. An excellent teacher and a surgeon par excellence, Dr Mohan is an integral part of Flood gates plastic surgery. He is widely published with special interest in wound care / reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures in both men and women.
Dr Kannan Kumar

MS Mch( Plastic Surgery)

A leading practitioner in Plastic surgery Dr Kannan is a specialist in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic surgery in men. Dr Kannan completed his masters in Surgery from Stanley Medical college and Mch in Plastic surgery from Madurai Medical College and then went on to gain additional fellowships in cosmetic and microvascular surgery. A kind and compassionate doctor, he firmly believes that quality of life should not suffer due to body image issues in women and men.

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