Microblading – eyebrows

Microblading – eyebrows



Microblading is similar to getting a tattoo done but done for people with thin eyebrows. The colour pigment used in microblading is a little different from that used in making a tattoo. The results of the microblading procedure lasts for about 3 years after which, another session will be needed. The procedure involves risks similar to that of getting a tattoo and you need to do good homework in finalising on the right specialist and the clinic/hospital for the procedure in your city.

Microblading - what is it and what is done?

In simple terms, microblading is like colouring your eyebrows that lasts for around 3 years. People of any gender, who have thin eyebrows are the right candidates to get the procedure done. The procedure is done with a small tool that has needles and colour pigments in them. Tiny holes are made in the eyebrows region and the ink is filled in the layers of the skin just like making a tattoo. The size of the colour pigment is much smaller which is why the body eventually cleanses them up. The procedure offers natural looking eyebrows. The procedure may take a couple of hours owing to the care and precision that is needed to perform. For few people, the colour may fade away after a few months and they will need to go for another session.

What you should know before undergoing microblading?

  1. The procedure can go wrong and the shape of eyebrows may not be symmetric. So, you need to do your homework on finalising a good cosmetic surgeon or specialist who is well trained and experienced in performing the procedure. 
  2. Unhygienic facilities and tools can get you diseases including some dangerous ones like HIV. The needles prick the body and come into contact with your body fluids. If the clinic doesn’t care to change them, you are risking your life.
  3. Allergic reaction to the colour pigment used. There is no standard for the pigment used in filling up your eyebrows. Some clinics use good and lasting pigments while cheaper ones may use substandard material. You must check on what pigment will be used on you and if you are allergic to it. The doctor / specialist will have their way of determining if you are allergic to the pigment.
  4. Possible infections. Any procedure that pierces your body or cuts it involves risk of infection. Here too hygiene is important.
  5. If you happen to choose a less experienced clinic or specialist and if the shape of the brows happen to go wrong, it is a little difficult to correct.

Preparing for the procedure

  1. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption at least a couple of days before the procedure.
  2. If you are using any blood thinners or other medication, let your doctor know. If he/she advises you to pause your medication, you may have to do that.
  3. No waxing or plucking your eyebrows before the procedure.
  4. Avoid chemical peels or facial bleaching kind of procedures before the surgery.
  5. It is advisable that you wash your hair before the surgery because, after the surgery, you shouldn’t let water come in contact with the pierced area.
  6. Better to get a cab or someone to drive you back home.

Recovery and care after microblading

  1. Infection is possible. Follow prescription medication if any given by your specialist.
  2. Avoid contact with water at all costs. 
  3. Don’t work out or do any strenuous work that may make you sweat, including eating spicy foods which can make you sweat.
  4. Be careful while washing your face. 
  5. Avoid contact with direct sunlight and facial scrubs.
  6. Obvious – don’t sleep face down.

Microblading cost in Chennai, India

Microblading procedure in good clinics / hospitals in Chennai may cost around Rs.20,000/-. Talk to your doctor about everything you need to know about the procedure including the cost and what if the procedure goes wrong.

Your insurance provider may not cover the cost in normal circumstances. You can check with them or the insurance department in the hospital regarding the cost coverage.

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