Microblading – Pros and Cons

Microblading – Pros and Cons


Microblading is a procedure opted by men and women who are not happy with their eyebrows. Though more women prefer to undergo the procedure, some men too go for this procedure to enhance their looks.The procedure is similar to getting a tattoo done with only a very minor difference. Microblading is done with an ink injecting tool that makes tiny pores on the skin and injects fine ink particles into the 3rd or 4th layer of the skin. As the particle size of the ink is a little smaller than that of regular tattoo ink, the body will be able to clear them in a few years. Typically, the eyebrows made with microblading last for 3 years after which another session will be needed.

Read more on Microblading procedure by visiting the link. In this article, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of microblading procedure. Hopefully this will clear off some of the questions in your mind if you are thinking about getting the procedure done for yourself.

Pros of microblading procedure

  1. A precise procedure that can give an exact desired shape to your eyebrows. The tiny tool lets the specialist inject the ink very precisely. You can see your eyebrows looking exactly like you wanted. 
  2. A relatively safer procedure – Compared to minimally invasive or invasive procedures, microblading is a safer procedure with nearly no blood loss and very little pain. However, there are some risks involved that we will look into the cons section of this article.
  3. Microblading saves a ton of time and money – If you are someone who is very keen on maintaining your facial hair including eyebrows, eyebrows made with microblading procedure doesn’t require any maintenance or applications of colours to make them look better. Also, it doesn’t smudge like regular make up.
  4. Not really an expensive procedure – The cost of microblading in Chennai clinics is around Rs. 20,000 at the time of composing this article. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, this is relatively an inexpensive procedure.

Cons of microblading procedure

  1. You must make sure that the person performing the procedure is well trained and/or experienced. If not, the shape of your eyebrows can go very wrong and it may require laser removal of ink and going for redoing the procedure.
  2. The eyebrows last for only 3 years after which the procedure needs to be repeated.
  3. The biggest risk of getting microblading done is the hygiene that is maintained by the place owners where you are getting the procedure done. New needles have to be used for every procedure. The ink used should be from a good quality manufacturer with perfect size of the particles. Note that using the same needles from the same person can transfer contagious diseases that can include HIV. 
  4. Allergic reaction for the ink that is injected may be experienced if no prior allergic test is done before beginning the procedure. 

On the whole, microblading is one of the most preferred procedures for getting great looking eyebrows. You need to do a good amount of homework to find the best plastic surgeon to get the right output safely.

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