Monsplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed in the mons pubis region. Mons pubis region refers to the area above the penis for men and vagina for women. The region can become enlarged as the person puts on weight. Losing weight faster can make the skin loose in the area which may require a surgery to tighten it if the person is aged.

In the Monsplasty procedure, the fat tissue is removed by making a horizontal cut in the abdomen area. The procedure is similar to liposuction. Usually, monsplasty procedure is done along with liposuction or abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedures. What exactly is done in the mons pubis region depends on the condition of the area. In some people, the fat tissue may have to be removed and in some, the excess sagging skin needs to be cut out.

What causes mons pubis bulge?

The most common cause of enlarging of the mons pubis region is excess weight or overweight. It is quite common that fat starts accumulating around the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs in both men and women. Mons pubis region is no exception. As a result men may not be comfortable peeing and may have problems having sex. Similarly women too may not like their appearance in the bedroom or when wearing a bikini etc. As the region gets enlarged, the skin gets stretched. 

C-section is another cause of enlarged mons pubis region. This is mostly because of the excess skin that sags post delivery. Hormones and genetics can also result in deposition of fat in the region distorting the shape of your pelvis. 

What makes people go for monsplasty surgery?

Monsplasty is opted by people not just for cosmetic reasons but also for hygienic reasons. When excess fat and/or skin engulfs penis or vagina, it’s not just the look that gets affected but it can lead to problems having sex, peeing and cleaning the area.  

Many women undergo monsplasty as they don’t appreciate the shape of their pelvis region in the bedroom or while wearing bikinis and other types of dresses. Monsplasty can boost their confidence and self esteem and makes them appreciate the shape of their body.

What happens during monsplasty surgery?

When you decide to get the extra fat removed from your mons pubis region, you need to do a good research to find good plastic surgeons in your city. Call them up for an appointment and let your doctor know what you are looking for.

After a good physical examination, If your doctor thinks that you are fit to undergo the surgery, you will be given an appointment date of the surgery. You must also know the cost of monsplasty surgery and also, if you are looking for liposuction or abdominoplasty type of surgery, you can combine them with monsplasty to save little time and cost.  Note that your insurance company may not cover the cost of monsplasty surgery as this is purely cosmetic in nature.

You will have to tell your doctor about your medical history, lifestyle habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs etc). You will be advised to stop/pause smoking and consumption of alcohol so that they don’t hinder your recovery after the surgery. He/she may recommend different medication or ask you to pause some medications depending on your current medical condition. 

Steps involved in monsplasty surgery

  1. You will be sedated with intravenous anaesthesia (full body anaesthesia).
  2. Local anaesthesia will be given in the mons pubis region to numb the area.
  3. A bikini line type horizontal incision is made, through which the fat tissue in the abdomen is removed.
  4. The muscles in the upper and lower part of the abdomen are then pulled together and stitched up to get the firmness back in the area.
  5. The incision is then closed and the area is bandaged.
  6. You will be advised to stay back in the hospital for a day or two.
  7. You will be discharged once your doctor is sure that the surgery went well and your body is coping up well.

Complications that can arise after monsplasty surgery

Just like any other invasive surgery, the risk of infection always exists with monsplasty surgery. The surgery site may bleed or leak pus like fluids after a few days post surgery. This is a sure sign of infection. The incision made may lead to the formation of a scar. However, there are creams and lotions available to lighten the scar over a period of time.

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