Penis Enlargement with Fat Transfer

Penis Enlargement with Fat Transfer


Penis enlargement surgery with fat transfer is one of the plastic surgery procedures aimed at increasing the length and girth (thickness) of the penis. Most of the times, men undergoing this surgery are those who have a normal sized penis and that is fully functional. Penis enlargement with fat transfer surgery is a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure.

Procedure for penis enlargement with fat transfer

  1. Liposuction procedure is used to remove fat from one part of the body. This can be from the thighs, hips etc. A small incision is made to remove the fat.
  2. The removed fat is then cleaned/purified and made ready for transfer. (Blood and other fluids are removed from extracted fat).
  3. A small incision is made at the base of the penis (sometimes, the incision is made on the shaft of the penis). A cannula is inserted through the incision and the fat is injected into the shaft.
  4. Then the fat is evenly distributed around the penis shaft so that the distribution is uniform.
  5. The incision on the penis is usually left to heal without stitches.

Who is the right candidate for penis enlargement surgery?

Any man with a penis willing to increase the length or girth of his penis is an ideal candidate for penis enlargement surgery.  Most of the times the reason is cosmetic or to feel manlier with his partner(s).

Who is not the right person for penis enlargement surgery?

  1. Men with unrealistic expectations (such as those who want their penis to be way longer by several inches)
  2. Men with weakened immunity or suffering from other medical conditions
  3. Teenagers who are still growing. Generally, the growth of penis continues for a couple of years after the body stops growing (at the age of 18 to 21).

Recovering from the surgery

Swelling and bruising of the area is very common and is addressed by putting the person on antibiotics and pain killers. The plastic surgeon would advise to take rest for a week and then return to work.  Complete healing can take place between four to six weeks after the surgery.  One should avoid lifting heavy weights until complete healing takes place. Participation in sex can happen after 2 weeks.

As the penis is recovering, the fat injected is partially absorbed by the body as a result the final / effective length may not be the same as that is seen after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will set your expectations after the surgery.

Complications of penis enlargement surgery

Fat necrosis (damage to the fat in the penile shaft), formation of lumps on the shaft of the penis and unexpected or poor results are possible complications of the surgery. Formation of lumps and poor results can be avoided if you pick the right and experienced plastic surgeon in your city.

Cost of penis enlargement surgery in Chennai

The cosmetic or plastic procedure to enlarge penis always comes with a substantial cost. The surgery involves two procedures, a small liposuction and fat grafting. You can expect the procedure to cost in several thousands of rupees. If you would like to know the cost of penis enlargement surgery at our Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic, Chennai, please call our front desk for an appointment and speak to our experienced plastic surgeon.

Note that, for most of the cosmetic procedures, your insurance may not cover the cost. We do have an insurance department you can talk to and we advise you to speak with your insurance provider before committing to the surgery.

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