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Penis Enlargement Surgery, also called Phalloplasty, aims at increasing the length or girth or both of the penis. In most cases, men get the surgery done purely for cosmetic reasons to an otherwise normal fully functional penis. What makes them go for increasing their penis size, different men have different reasons varying from the wish of their partners to their habit of watching porn.

Few things to note before going for a penis enlargement surgery:

  1. There is no guarantee that your penis will become large or thick. Even if it does, there’s no guarantee that it will remain so forever.
  2. If the surgery is being done for cosmetic reasons, your health insurance provider will not be covering the cost. So, you have to bear it from your pocket.
  3. Some plastic surgeons may not recommend the surgery unless you have a micro penile syndrome.

What is penis enlargement surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is a procedure performed with an aim to increase the length or girth or both of the penis. The surgery may involve inserting implants (done in case of a micro penis) or inserting silicone implants, PRP (injecting Platelet Rich Proteins into the shaft of the penis), fat transfer etc that helps in enlarging the penis. Let’s look at various procedures available today at Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic, Chennai that can make your penis bigger.
  1. Penile Enlargement with Fat Transfer
  2. PRP for Penile Enlargement
  3. Silicone Implants
  4. Ligamentolysis
  5. Other less performed procedures.

Penile Enlargement with Fat Transfer

The process involves two steps. 

  1. Extracting fat from the body. Typically fat is taken from the same person’s body. A short liposuction procedure is performed on the abdomen or thighs to remove some fat.  The fat is then purified by removing the cell debris and other fluids.
  2. Injecting the fat into the shaft of the penis. The purified fat is then taken in a syringe and injected into the penis’ shaft. This step has to be carefully performed and best results can come out when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. The fat needs to be injected into the shaft evenly so that there won’t be any lump formation after a few days. Usually around 50ml of fat is injected and it is spread evenly and then bandaged for a few days. 


Reference: Penis Enlargement (Penis Growth) with Fat Transfer

PRP for Penile Enlargement

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets help in healing and regrowth of damaged tissues in the body. Platelets from your own blood are extracted through a centrifuge machine and injected into the shaft of your penis.

Plasma (just like the fat removed from your body) which was already a part of your body is readily accepted by the penis. This helps in increasing the girth and length (a little) of your penis. This also helps in repairing the erection muscles in the penis’ shaft, thereby solving the erectile dysfunction problem. As per Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, one of the top sexologists in Chennai, PRP for penile enlargement can provide temporary results that may last up to a year after which the procedure may have to be performed again to keep the enlarged penis bigger.

Reference: PRP Injection for bigger penis

Silicone Implants

The name of the procedure is called ‘Penuma ®’ in which a medical grade silicone is inserted into the shaft of the penis. An incision is made along the scrotum through which the silicone implant is inserted into the shaft of the penis. The incision is then stitched up. As the incision is made under the shaft, the scar is nearly invisible.

Inserting Penuma® implant is shown to increase the girth of the penis by 1 to 2 inches while erect and not erect. Penuma® is currently the only FDA approved method of silicone implants to increase the length and girth of a penis.


Penis Lengthening Surgery, also called Ligamentolysis is performed to increase the length of a man’s penis. Usually, this is combined with Fat transfer surgery to help increase both girth and length. 

Suspensory ligaments above the penis shaft, at its base are cut so that more penis is allowed to protrude or hang down when in flaccid (not erect) state. This doesn’t actually grow the penis but more penis is “visible” outside the body making it look bigger. Penis can look longer by 1cm to an inch after recovery. 

Note: Ligamentolysis makes the penis look bigger only when it is in a flaccid state whereas the erect length will be the same.

Other less performed surgeries

  1. Tissue grafting
  2. Injecting hyaluronic acid (filler)
  3. Polylactic acid injections
  4. Penile disassembly

Before you go for penile enhancement surgery

  1. If you have an erect penis of length 7.5cms or more, it is more than enough to satisfy any partner as long as you know how to play.
  2. Going for a penile enhancement surgery is like putting yourself under an unnecessary risk of a surgery where incisions are made. Every invasive surgery involves risk and some may leave a scar for a lifetime.
  3. Your surgery is not covered by your insurance as long as it is considered cosmetic in nature.
  4. Talk to your plastic surgeon and decide if yours is the right decision. Unless you have a micro penis, you need not go for a penile implant.
  5. Low risk penile enhancement surgeries that we recommend are – fat transfer and PRP for penile enhancement.

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