Phenol Chemical Peel – The best one time chemical skin peel

Phenol Chemical Peel – The best one time chemical skin peel


There are quite a few ways of facial skin lightening techniques including derm abrasion, laser treatment and chemical peels. Procedures involving the usage of chemical peels usually require multiple sessions depending on the depth of the scars to be removed and to cover the pits formed on the face due to acne. 


Some of the chemical peels include:

  1. TCA – Trichloroacetic Acid Peel. A non-invasive skin treatment used to treat discoloration, scarring and wrinkles on the skin.
  2. AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel. Fruit acid solution is applied to the skin. The acids present in it exfoliate the top layers of the skin revealing the new and blemish free skin that formed underneath.
  3. Phenol Peel – A very powerful and effective chemical peel that can work much better than TCA and AHA peels. Phenol peel can be used to lighten scars, wrinkles, pits formed on the skin due to acne etc. 

Phenol Peel contains carbolic acid that peels off the skin eventually revealing the new, smoother skin underneath the peeled skin. This is a little painful and aggressive procedure that will need full body sedation or facial sedation at least.

Benefits of phenol chemical peel

  1. Unlike other chemical peel sessions, phenol peel requires only one session.
  2. Results are very significant and they last for years.
  3. Phenol peel smoothes skin tone, reduces signs of ageing (wrinkles, folds, fine lines), fixes the sun damaged skin etc.

Phenol peel procedure

Phenol peel is done as an outpatient procedure. However, since you will be sedated, it is advisable to get a friend or companion who can take you back home. If not, a little bit of hospital stay is advised.

Before the commencement of the procedure, full body anaesthesia or local anaesthesia is given. The phenol peel has to be applied only by a trained plastic or cosmetic surgeon or a trained dermatologist. Once the sedation is effective, the chemical is gently applied onto the skin. Mild burning and tingling may be felt and that is quite normal.

The peel is left to dry for a considerable amount of time, after which, it is washed off with lukewarm water and soap. The burning sensation can continue as the sedation wears off. Petroleum jelly or other safe ointment will be applied over the treated area to reduce the burning sensation. Some people may find the area (or face, if done on face), little swollen and inflamed. This will subside in a few days.

Recovery after Phenol peel

Recovery from phenol peel starts immediately after the chemical is washed off. For a complete recovery, it may take a week to 10 days. During this period, the top layers of the skin will start peeling off as new skin keeps forming below it. Your doctor may ask you to apply creams or jelly during the recovery period.

Get better recovery from Phenol Chemical Peel with HBOT

HBOT stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. In this procedure, the person is subject to breath near 100% pure medical grade oxygen under 2 to 3 times normal atmospheric pressure. The HBOT chamber may be a single tube like one which can accommodate only one person or a room that can accommodate more people.

As more oxygen is supplied to the body, a lot of oxygen gets dissolved in the blood that is carried to every cell in the body, including the area where the Phenol Chemical Peel is done. As more oxygen is supplied, it helps in reducing the inflammation, fight any infection and quick recovery of the area.


A group of researchers from Tel Aviv University have concluded the following:

“After nearly one month of daily evaluation, it was determined the group of patients receiving HBOT after PCP experienced significantly better near-term and long-term outcomes…” 

HBOT can treat a number of conditions without the need of any medicine. Learn more about HBOT here and the medical conditions that can be treated with HBOT by clicking the link.

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