Scalp MicroPigmentation: Procedure, Cost, Risks

Scalp MicroPigmentation: Procedure, Cost, Risks


Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), also called scalp tattooing is one of the plastic surgery procedures in which natural pigments are implanted on the scalp of a person. This is different from follicle implantation that this procedure only gives an illusion of the hair but not the actual hair. The implantation of pigments is done with a tattoo piercing device in the epidermal layer of the skin on the scalp.

Scalp MicroPigmentation is one such cosmetic surgery procedure suggested to both men and women with all skin types who suffer from hair loss or alopecia. A similar procedure called Microblading is performed on the eyebrows to make them look fuller.

Who can undergo Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is advisable for anyone who had hair loss for any reason including:

  1. Alopecia Areata
  2. Thinning of hair
  3. Male patterned baldness
  4. Female patterned baldness


One should note that Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure is not a solution for hair loss but it only gives the appearance of fullness of hair on the scalp. People with scalp acne, psoriasis or other skin related diseases, they may not be the right candidates for this procedure as it is would be difficult to pigment the inflamed areas. People who are at risk of developing keloids are also not good candidates for the procedure.

How to prepare for Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure?

  1. The first thing you would do is, consult a good plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon in Chennai (if you are living in or around Chennai) or in your location. Your doctor will be the best person to advise you if SMP is the right procedure for you or if you should go for a different cosmetic procedure.
  2. After you have taken an appointment for SMP procedure, wash your hair before the procedure because, you will be advised not to wet your head or even sweat after each session.
  3. There will be multiple sessions to complete the procedure that will be scheduled weeks apart.
  4. Each pigment needs to be implanted with utmost care and minute procedure. Each session may take anywhere between four and five hours.
  5. After each session for four days, you will be advised not to expose your scalp to water or sunlight or go for swimming or take a steam or sauna bath. Avoid working out during this time to avoid sweat on your scalp.
  6. After the fourth day, you may be able to go out in the sun, wash your hair – return to normal activities.
  7. After all your sessions are done, you need to follow the same thing that you did for every procedure. Alongside, you will also be advised to apply moisturizers, sun screens for about a month.

What is the cost of Scalp MicroPigmentation in our Chennai clinics?

The cost of Scalp MicroPigmentation differs based on the area that needs pigmentation. Average cost of procedure at Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic is around Rs.1,00,000/- (one lakh). It may be much lower if the scalp area is very less. At the time of consultation, speak to our plastic surgeons and they can let you know the exact amount of sessions required and the cost involved.

Wondering if your insurance provider covers SMP procedure? Most often cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance providers. You can either check with your provider or you can consult our insurance department in our clinic regarding the same.

Is SMP a permanent procedure?

SMP is not really a permanent one. The pigments may last up to eight years after implantation. As the skin exfoliates (happens on the scalp too), the area will continue to fade, slowly losing the effects of the procedure. People with dry scalp, fading of the pigments can happen even faster.

Risks associated with SMP

Any procedure that involves cutting or piercing the body will certainly pose risks. The main factors that reduce the risk are how well the instruments are sterilized and how experienced is the person performing the procedure.

As the needles pierce to plant the pigments into the scalp, there is surely a risk of infection. Also, if the materials/constituents of pigment are allergic to the person, the skin on the scalp may react to the allergens after the procedure.

“There is no formal training to become an SMP. Before you plan to get SMP done, you will have to carefully evaluate the person/doctor who is going to perform the procedure. Always go for an experienced plastic/cosmetic surgeon from a reputed clinic” insists Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, MD of Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic.

“If your tattoo artist or any other person offers to do the SMP at a cheaper cost, NO, thank you should be your reply”, adds Dr. Karthik.

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