Scar Revision Surgery – Part 2

Scar Revision Surgery – Part 2


In our previous Scar revision surgery – Part 1 article, what types of scars can be lightened and smoothened out using surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Here, let’s get to learn more on cosmetic procedures to remove scars on the skin. 

What parts of the body can a plastic surgeon work to fix the scars?

A plastic surgeon can actually work on almost all areas of the skin to lighten the scars including:

  1. Face
  2. Neck
  3. Abdomen, waist and limbs.


Removing scars on face
A scar on your face bothers a lot more than those on the rest of your body, doesn’t it? Irrespective of gender, that’s true. The scars are most often caused by severe acne and in some cases, injury or a surgery. 

Scars that aren’t too deep (such as those caused by pimples) can be lightened with dermabrasion or chemical peeling techniques. Laser treatment for scars is also an option, provided you get that done by an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon. An untrained or unlicensed practitioner may cause more damage to your skin on the face and if your eyes are hurt, that would be a most regrettable thing in your life.

Scar removal on neck
Not many people are worried about spots or scars on their neck unless they wear clothes that reveal a larger part of their neck and collar. 

Abdomen, waist and limbs
Stretch marks can be seen in both women and men who don’t want them to be seen when they go shirtless, may undergo scar lightening procedure.
Injury scars on hands or legs or even surgical scars may bother some and they may want to get rid of them. A good plastic surgeon would be the right person to discuss what procedure is needed to get rid of the scars on limbs or at least to lighten them.


Risks associated with scar removal surgeries

Before you undergo any surgery, you must keep in mind that, even after hundreds of years of medical science evolution, we are not yet there where we can restore anything in our body to its original shape or condition. Every surgery or procedure carries certain risks and it is always, risk vs reward that weighs. 

Risks associated with surgical scar removal:

  1. Temporary or longer term numbness due to anesthesia administered before commencing the procedure.
  2. Inflammation, infection, bleeding, formation of pus at the surgical site
  3. Deep vein thrombosis (formation of blood clots in the veins)
  4. Surgical incision that doesn’t heal well and leave a scar.
  5. When surgery goes wrong, another one might be needed.

Cost of scar removal surgery in Chennai

Simple answer – “it depends” on the following factors:

  1. Where the scar needs to be removed.
  2. The area of the scar. (Smaller ones require less time and effort relatively)
  3. The surgeon who is performing the procedure.
  4. How extensive the procedure will be. (Whether just the skin needs grafting or the tissues under it also needs to be fixed etc)

Simple scar removal may cost a few thousands whereas an extensive procedure may cost you over Rs.50,000 or more. You need to check with your cosmetic surgeon and with your insurance provider to see how much you will end up shelling out for the look you want.

What are the surgical scar revision options available?

  1. Scar excision – In keloid type of scars, the scar is surgically removed and the rest of the skin is sutured.
  2. Skin graft – The skin in the scarred area is removed (few layers need to be removed carefully). New skin is taken from other parts of the body and placed over the scarred area and sutured. Usually, burnt skin is replaced this way. If a lot of skin is burnt, skin from a suitable corpse may be taken.
  3. W-plasty – This procedure involves repositioning the scar. Say, you have a scar just below your bicep that you want to get it removed. Such a scar can be carefully repositioned so that it blends with the folds of the elbow.  However, this procedure may not be performed on every part of the body for obvious reasons.
  4. Z-plasty – This type of surgery is performed to improve the functional and aesthetic appearance of scars. Two triangular flaps are transposed creating a Z pattern on the skin. The details of this procedure would require an article by itself which we will soon get at.

Who is the right candidate for the skin scar removal procedure?

Can anyone go for a skin scar removal procedure? No, not really. You need to meet certain criteria before you opt for the procedures so that you can be sure that your body heals well after the procedure. Some conditions that you need to meet are:

  1. You must be in overall good health.
  2. You must not smoke or you should quit smoking months before opting for any surgical procedure.
  3. No other skin problems.
  4. Have realistic expectations on the outcome of the procedure. 

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