Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous Cysts


Sebaceous cysts are bumps on skin formed due to the accumulation of fluids/oil that are supposed to be expelled out of the body through the skin pores/ducts. Normally, these fluids or oil is what makes the skin and hair oily. If the pores get blocked for any reason, the fluids get accumulated under the skin turning into cysts filled with fluids and flakes of keratin.

Where are sebaceous cysts mostly formed?

Sebaceous cysts are mostly formed on:

  1. Scalp
  2. Neck
  3. Face
  4. Back

For some men, sebaceous cysts can be found on testicles/scrotum.

What causes the ducts on the skin to close?

  1. Injury (to the skin or a deeper one)
  2. Scar from a surgery
  3. Sometimes due to dust, pollution and improper hygiene 
  4. Genetic conditions.


No matter the cause, if the ducts on the skin close, the fluids that are supposed to be flushed out, stay back resulting in cysts. In very few cases, atypical cysts are formed. They are cancerous and this will be detected by the doctor while diagnosing the cyst.

Diagnosis of sebaceous cysts

Diagnosis of sebaceous cysts starts with physical examination. If your doctor thinks that the cyst may be a cancerous one, a biopsy may be required to confirm the diagnosis. A sample tissue is taken from the cyst and sent to the lab to look for precancerous or cancerous cells.

In addition, a CT Scan or ultrasound may also be required by your doctor.

Treatment of sebaceous cysts

Surgical removal of fluids and the accumulated keratin flakes by cutting the cyst open is the most preferred approach. The cyst may be smaller or a longer one depending on the size of the cyst. A laser punch biopsy is also another option wherein a hole is punched into the cyst and the fluids are drained. Once the cyst dries off, the remaining skin around the area will be removed.

Once the fluids are drained off, you will be put on antibiotics and you must comply with the prescription to prevent any possible infections.

How do you identify a cancerous cyst?

If the cyst is benign, it doesn’t grow back most of the time. If the cyst is cancerous, the cancer cells grow back and the cyst forms again.  Cancerous cysts are usually more than 5 cm in size and they are usually infected and drain fluids from the area.

In such cases, your doctor will do a laser punch biopsy and send the tissue sample to the lab. Once cancer is confirmed, depending on the stage, further tests may be done and treatment procedure will be finalized by an oncologist. 

Cost of treating sebaceous cyst in Chennai

Removal of sebaceous cyst is a simple procedure and may not cost more than Rs.15,000 including doctor fee.  You can call our front desk with details to get the ballpark amount for your treatment.


Sebaceous cysts are formed when the ducts (or pores) of the skin or the hair follicles are damaged for various reasons. They are not cancerous most of the time and can be treated with simple incisions. If the cyst keeps recurring, then a biopsy is required to confirm the presence of cancer cells and treatment takes a different course. At Flood Gates Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have highly trained and experienced andrologists along with our renowned plastic surgeons who can offer treatment for sebaceous cysts that formed on any part of your body including scrotum or groin.

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