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Mar 6, 2022 | Hair Transplant

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Preparing for hair transplant and looking for best hair transplant doctors in Chennai or in your area? We suggest you go through the negative reviews of the doctors and hair transplant clinics you are looking at, have a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon once and then decide on with who you should be getting the hair transplant surgery done.

Along with all the good that hair transplant brings to your physical appearance and confidence, there are certain side effects that you should be aware of. We suggest you read through and see if your plastic surgeon talks about them. If not, you can check with him/her about the same to get more information.

Side effects of hair transplant

  1. Numbness
  2. Infection and abscess formation
  3. Bleeding scalp that may be painful.
  4. Hair thinning after surgery
  5. Scarring at the source site
  6. Folliculitis
  7. Hiccups
  8. Swelling on forehead and eyes
  9. Itching


It is a very common side effect to lose sensation in the site of surgery. Not just with hair transplant surgery, it can happen with many other surgeries when the nerves are disturbed or damaged in worst case. In most cases, the numbness will be short lived, say a couple of weeks and the sensation should return. If the numbness doesn’t go away even after a couple of weeks, you should take an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon immediately.

Infection and formation of abscess

You can expect a little bit of infection at the source site from where the hair grafts are taken. In order to stop the microbes from growing, you will be put on antibiotics. You need to punctually use antibiotics till the end of course failing which any microbes present in the source or target sites can grow and result in the formation of abscess. If you notice oozing of watery blood or puss at the source site; that is a sure indication of infection and you must talk to your cosmetic surgeon immediately.

Bleeding scalp

A little bit of bleeding at the source and on the head is common due to the incisions made and numerous small pricks done to implant the hair grafts. This is usually associated with pain that is often tolerable. You need to call up your plastic surgeon immediately if the pain doesn’t subside or if the incision or any other site on the scalp doesn’t heal and continues to bleed.

Hair thinning after surgery

Hair fall and thinning of hair (losing hair density) happens in 30% of the cases. However, this should subside and the hair fall and thinning should stop after a couple of months. If the hair continues to fall, then your doctor may perform some tests to check your hormone levels. If you have certain underlying conditions that needs treatment (such hypothyroidism), you will be put on appropriate medication to address the issue.

Scarring at the source site

A little bit of scarring at the site from where the hair grafts are picked up can be expected and that must go away after a few weeks. This is nothing to be scared about as long as you are following your doctor’s prescription without fail.


Folliculitis, also called cysts, are small (or sometimes large) pimple like lesions that can form on the recipient area. In some cases, they are itchy too. These are not harmful. They are formed when the hair follicles are pushed deeper than they should or when the hair follicles are damaged. When the hair follicles are damaged, the oil (a type of fluid that the scalp normally secretes) in the area won’t have a way to go out and thus starts forming as a lump under the skin. Some such cysts may go away on their and for those that don’t go away, a minor surgery needs to be performed to remove the fat deposit.


Interesting side effect of hair transplant is ‘hiccups’. Some people have hiccups after undergoing hair transplantation. They should go away in few days and if they don’t, see your cosmetic surgeon. So far, the link between hair transplant and hiccups is not known.

Swelling on forehead and eyes

Swelling after hair transplant surgery is not a common side effect. Very rarely patients have swollen forehead and a little bit of swelling around the eyes. This can last for a couple of days and should go away on it’s own. If not, see your surgeon.


Itching of scalp after the surgery is pretty common. Usually when a wound is healing, it is often itchy and is a good sign. But, if your scalp is too itchy (that you feel like scratching your scalp all the time), you need to speak to your doctor to get some medication that subside the symptom.

Your cosmetic surgeon may inspect the area to see if everything is alright and may then put you onto anti-itch medication.

Long term complications of hair transplant

One main long side effect with hair transplant is that the implanted hair may not grow as expected or may not grow at all. This can result in patchy hair or it may almost look like not much was done at all. In such cases, you may have to undergo the entire procedure again.

Is hair transplant really necessary?

After reading through, not scary side effects, you may be thinking whether you really need to spend so much for hair transplant and endure pain and face risks just to make your physical appearance better. Well, the answer depends on how desperate or willing you are to get your hair back on your scalp. Our suggestion is, these side effects should not stop you from going ahead with hair transplant. If you can afford it and take the pain for a few weeks, why not go for hair transplant considering the long term confidence that it can give you.

One thing you need thoroughly engrave in your mind, take time, always find the best cosmetic surgeon to get your hair transplant done! You need to look at the doctor’s experience, the clinic where he/she is performing the surgery along with the cost aspect. These matter most because, the outcome of the surgery depends only those two factors.

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