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Home remedies for hair fall – natural hair fall treatment

Someone was saying, “Those who have good hair wouldn’t understand the pain of those whose are bald or are losing hair”. People who are losing their hair too much wouldn’t leave any stone unturned while trying to stop hair fall and regrow the lost hair. In here, we provide you with some home remedies for hair fall that you can try.


Alopecia (hair fall or hair loss) – symptoms and causes

Alopecia, a medical term for hair fall or hair loss that can happen not just on the scalp of the head but anywhere on the body. The hair fall can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause (heredity, medications, age etc). Hair fall can happen in people of any gender but it is more common in men. Though hair fall is common, losing more hair than that re-grows can result in balding head or baldness.

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