Watch out – Hair loss can be due to the sugar drinks

Watch out – Hair loss can be due to the sugar drinks


You would have noticed that many men are losing hair easily these days compared to a decade ago. Male pattern baldness or hair loss has become a very common issue. Around 30% to 50% of men have bald heads by the time they reach their 50s. The most common reason for people losing hair is genetic. If there are men in your family with bald heads, then, you are very likely to go bald at some age. However, this is changing due to change in the following factors:

  1. The food that is consumed is changing from natural to processed. More chemicals are being used to grow food. Genetically modified varieties are used to grow more food in a short period of time.
  2. Chemicals used to style hair. Most of the time, chemicals used to style hair harm the hair follicles causing hair loss. This can be a very slow process that you may not even notice much. 
  3. Heating hair to style it. Regular or frequent heating of hair can also lead to hair loss.
  4. The environment around us has been rapidly changing. Increasing temperature and harmful pollutants in the air can affect the growth of hair.

How consumption of sugar drinks causes hair fall?

As per a study published in Nutrients, it was found that consumption of sugar sweetened beverages cause male pattern hair loss. Higher sugar consumption increased sugar concentration in blood. This triggers polyol pathways that convert glucose to other sugars. As a result the amount of sugar that is supplied to hair follicles goes down leading to hair loss. 

The results of this study needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because, the researchers could only see a correlation between consumption of sugary beverages and hair loss but couldn’t determine it as a definitive cause. The survey also noted that the group of participants who consumed 4.3 liters of sugary beverages per week also had higher intake of deep-fried food, sugars, sweets and ice creams. They also consumed fewer vegetables compared to the other group. The participants in the hair loss group also seemed to have anxiety disorder and stress and anxiety are linked to hair loss in people.

Opinion of other experts about the correlation

While the researchers themselves say that this is only a correlation but not the true causative factor and further research is needed; other doctors and medical experts aren’t really considering the observations. 

They noted that the men who consumed higher quantities of sugary beverages also had a history of baldness. So, that would lead to the genetic condition more than the consumption of sugars.  Others commented that this research wouldn’t change any of their practicing methods to treat hair loss unless further compelling evidence is provided. However, all doctors opined that a healthy lifestyle, healthy and nutritious food that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, treating stress and anxiety can help reduce or stop hair loss. 

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